Generating ideas

Getting ideas or trying to gain Devine inspiration can be at times a frustrating process.  Where to begin a project or what to do is not an easy task. I often say begin from what you know. What do you like or are interested in or what do you have access to? Now this is not to limit yourself to this but rather a starting place to explore. For example in you live in a two perhaps architecture,  interior/ exterior,  or night light street works. This is a starting point fro which you look for inspiration to expand those ideas. Let’s say your favorite artist is Mondrian you can look at the use of grids, squares and colours from his paintings to combine with an urban landscape. This can be completed using any mediums in art. A more literal interpretation of this would be painting a house using these colours, shapes lines. A literal example of this is:

You can find inspiration in many ways, most students find inspiration from blogs and posts on Tumblr or Pintrest and this can be helpful and hurtful. Looking at images to inspire you is good but don’t set yourself up for failure. Often students see an image and want to replicate just that image. That way of working kdoesn’t allow for exploration of the creative process or the “happy accidents” that occurs when generating ideas and gathering ideas and images. Curiosity and exploring are important parts of the creative process that a preconceived imaged will prohibit.

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