My name is Robin Sweeney. I am an high school art educator. I mainly teach Photography as a subject but I have experience in many Visual Art fields. This blog was designed for the purpose to inspire, facilitate inquiry and encourage exploration. As a teacher I am interested in the links between curiosity and creativity and I am very aware of the tension between assessment and creativity.

While I believe that assessments can stifle the creative process and hinder the important process of creative play and exploration I make my living off the system that demands quantitated data and measured results.  I want to create a space where students can build their imagination and curiosity while understanding the requirements of NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement – New Zealand’s national assessment program).

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” Albert Einstein

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  1. Congratulations on ‘artzonedin’ Robin – Great concept. I’m excited by the endless possibilities for this ongoing conversation! As a visual artist and teacher I find this an ongoing struggle.

    I teach adults and I try to create a framework and mental space where the individual can explore and develop his or her own creativity. I teach the technical, but the creative… that’s their journey. Creativity is subjective, how do you define and then quantify it? I think there’s a misconception about what art and creativity are and as a result they are often treated as a commodities, things to buy and sell. And yet, I also understand that for some using a criteria is how they are able to engage in a dialogue about creativity. It’s a dilemma.

    The discussion here in Canada has shifted to art and public engagement. Check out the Canada Council website and read their document on Public Engagement. http://canadacouncil.ca/council/the-hub/public-engagement-paper. It’s the beginning of something big because it tries to create opportunities for individuals to engage with the arts and artists in a variety of ways. It’s early days still, but in doing so, I’m optimistic that it will broaden our understanding and vocabulary about art and art making.

    Best, Michelle


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